All the radio orchestras have succumbed to the cut-backs,
except for one small radio orchestra that,
against the odds, refuses to give up,
in classic cocktail-tenue (they don't know any better)
doing it their own way (they don't know any better)
doing it professionally (they don't have any choice)
Book them today, (because they wouldn't want it any other way)


The Portable Radio OrchestraWhether you need an elegant but hilarious quartet accompanying guests' arrival, flirtatious musicians serenading at your tables, a fully themed acoustic performance or a classy high energy centrepiece act, The Portable Radio Orchestra can deliver the package your event needs.

This quartet will play songs that will bring you back to the 70's or 80's ......and more, songs ranging from "The Talkingheads" to "Nirvana" or more recently "Adele" in a totally unique way.

The Portable Radio Orchestra performs in an exciting unique way restyled popular songs everybody knows in a way and size to fit any budget at any event. We are here to provide you with exactly what you want and need,